Conflict Minerals Platform

In-house Training

In-house Training

One Day Training

  • Introducing the requirements of the regulation and answer questions about it
  • iPCMP user tasks:
    • Create a report manually – What is CFSI asking for?
    • Simple Customer – Supplier communication
    • Send Requests
    • Reply to request
    • Manage requests
    • Manage private supplier lists
    • Edit invitation letter
    • Send a batch request
    • Create a report
    • Manage stored reports
    • Management
  • Finishing with a Q&A session

Two Day Training

The two day agenda will include all the points from the one day plus:

  • Discussion of the different types of reporting and query strategy
  • Development of templates for supplier inquiries
  • Recommendations to consolidate the feedback
  • Hands-on training
  • Q&A