Conflict Minerals Platform





·通过我们的软件平台iPCMP和服务组合,能够为整个供应链提供一个集成的单一解决方案, 支持您有效地管理冲突矿产相关的数据并在无缝流程中创建报告。

  • Impact Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • Data Care

Our conflict minerals consulting services include:

> Impact Analysis

iPoint offers a two-day moderated impact analysis workshop designed for companies seeking to learn about Conflict Minerals reporting. The workshop supports you in developing and implementing a successful strategy and plan for collecting and reporting on Conflict Minerals data. The workshop provides hands-on instructions and demonstrations built around the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform.

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> Data Collection

iPoint offers a data collection service to collect, manage, aggregate and report Conflict Minerals data from suppliers.

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> Reporting

iPoint offers a reporting service for Conflict-Minerals-related reporting data.

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> Data Care

iPoint provides additional data care services for handling data from your supply chain.

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