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Cobalt, EU-3TG and Sanctioned Entities – Why you should establish proactive business practices to manage the shift from conflict minerals compliance to responsible sourcing.

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The number one solution for Conflict Minerals Compliance & Reporting

Benefit from the flexibility, the functionalities, and the huge supplier community of the market-leading Conflict Minerals Compliance & Reporting solution. Depending on your company's profile, size, and needs you can choose from four different iPCMP licenses. With the free Basic License, we have eased the way for your suppliers to get onto the Conflict Minerals platform to receive and answer your requests and enter their data.

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Enterprise License

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Create roll-ups in multiple locations with increased security and flexibility. Report to a more in depth level, with full in house software integration.

New: Cobalt reporting (CRT)

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Premium Plus License

$3,500 per year*

Identify high risk reports at a glance, conduct due diligence; opportunity to combine extra licenses to create a company-wide solution.

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Premium License

$990 per year*

Quicker more accurate data received through iPCMP; Track and Trace reports to increase reporting transparency.

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Basic License

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Higher accuracy, faster responses, and includes smelter library for more precise reports than just by using Excel.

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Why choose the iPoint Conflict Minerals application?


Ensures Compliance

The successful way to comply with existing and upcoming Conflict Minerals regulations (USA, EU)

Improves Efficiency

Work faster, more efficiently and more accurately by using the iPoint Conflict Minerals application to fulfill your due diligence obligations across the supply chain.

Proven Business Solution

The only solution with an industry-driven User Group Committee

RMI Vendor Member

The Conflict Minerals application allows for cascade and roll-up of the RMI data from your supply chain instead of managing individual spreadsheets to and from your suppliers. This makes the whole process transparent and traceable.

15 Facts about the Conflict Minerals Regulation of the EU that you should know

On May 19, 2017, EU Conflict Minerals Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The new Regulation will take effect on January 1, 2021. This FAQ document outlines key elements of the new law.

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