Why iPoint?


In the field of Conflict Minerals, we are the ones who have been providing a solution for the whole market from a very early stage
We are the world's leading experts in environmental product compliance and sustainability. For more than 15 years, iPoint-systems has been enhancing and consolidating its expertise in business process optimization in the automotive and other industries. More than 45.000 customers worldwide rely on iPoint-systems when it comes to managing, tracking and reporting data across the supply chain, from product concept to recycling.


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Added Value

  • Develop sustainable, legally compliant products through adaptive process management solutions
  • Flexible process integration across the entire value chain
  • Integration of heterogeneous supplier systems
  • High security through the monitoring of customer and legal requirements
  • Increased efficiency in the execution of life cycle assessments
  • Reduce risks around importation, production stops, product recalls
  • Data Consistency
  • Documentation
  • Traceability
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Visit the iPoint Homepage: www.iPoint-systems.com to see what other software and consulting solutions we have to offer.