Conflict Minerals Platform



Is the basic license available free in 2015?

Yes, in 2015, the Basic License is available at no cost.

If we purchased an upgraded license for 2015, would we have access to all data collected so far and have functionality for Form SD in 2015 from the 2014 data?

Yes, of course. No data will be lost in case you update your license. And data from 2014 will also be available for the Form SD.

How many suppliers can be managed with the Enterprise account?

You can manage an unlimited amount of suppliers with the Enterprise License, whereby the cost is based on the number of suppliers.

Can a basic user respond to a part-level request from customers?


We got our Basic License 12 months ago. How do we subscribe to another 12 months?

There is no end date of the Basic License subscription, so you don’t have to do anything.

With the Premium Plus license, can you separate suppliers by location/department?

Yes, if you purchase several Premium Plus licenses they can be used to represent separate locations/departments.

How can you roll up supplier date if the basic license does not provide for supplier solicitation?

With the Basic License you can perform a roll-up from reports generated by yourself, for example creating a company level report out of various product level reports. If you’d like to create a roll-up including data from your suppliers use the Premium, Premium Plus, or Enterprise License – depending on the amount of suppliers.

If we purchased a Premium License in April of 2015 will it expire on December 31, 2015?

Your license is valid for 12 months from purchase / activation date.

Does Premium Plus offer part-level requests?

Premium Plus offers part-level requests as well. However, batch requests (send many requests at once). One-to-one part requests can only be sent with an Enterprise License.

By purchasing more than 1 Premium License, can I send requests to more than 50 suppliers?

No, Premium accounts only allow the upload of more than 50 suppliers. For companies with more than 50 suppliers we recommend to use the Premium Plus license which allows the management of up to 100 suppliers. With the Enterprise License you can manage as many suppliers as you need; the cost of Enterprise License depends on the number of suppliers.

Do all suppliers have to fill out a template or is a letter sufficient?

The CFSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) is the recommended standard (OECD) to be used for Conflict Minerals reporting. There is no legal obligation to use it, but it is very useful to only use one template through the whole supply chain.

Can iPoint translate from (foreign language) to English?

There is no automatic translations done by iPoint. But the platform is available in various languages.

Does the Basic user account allow automated responses?

It is already available for Basic Users.

What do you mean by "Conduct RCOI"? Does it pull information on where the mines are that identified smelters are sourcing?

iPCMP is following the procedure suggested by the OECD which implies the certification of smelters. Companies may rely on that certification process and do not need to gather more information up to the mines in case a certified smelter is used.

For part-level reporting, does that mean we can incorporate the bill of materials (BOM) and report to our customers on what parts in the BOM include conflict minerals as reported by our suppliers?

With the Enterprise solution, you can report the CM status to your customers based on the products you are selling them. The basis for this report can be the supplier status required for the BOM of this product.