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Other Issues

Other Issues

What ways are there to import data into iPCMP?

The current iPCMP version supports the import of Excel files that are formatted according to the CFSI standard (CMRT). This is the most commonly used Conflict Minerals reporting framework. iPCMP also supports the import of XML files according to the IPC1755 data exchange standard.

How can I get data out of iPCMP?

Each window in iPCMP has an „Export to Excel“ button so you can export the currently viewed data. This also applies to each individual report in the system, no matter how it entered the system and what information it contains.

How many tiers in the supply chain does iPCMP support?

There is no limit.

How does iPCMP protect the confidentiality of my data?

Protection of intellectual property and data security are a top priority for most iPCMP users. That is why the software is configured from the ground up to ensure that you are always in control of what data is shared, and with whom.

The name of each company that is subscribed to iPCMP is visible to all members. This is necessary to allow members to address requests to other companies. This is the only piece of company-related information that is public within the software.

iPCMP does not disclose any information about business relationships between member companies. Individual companies can view only those requests that they have sent to their direct customers, or those that they have received from their direct supplier. The identity of the rest of the supply chain is hidden.

Roll-ups do not contain information about the identity of your suppliers, unless such information has been manually entered into a comment field of a report. Reports and roll-ups can not be shared automatically. Every time before a roll-up is sent out, the sender is required to review its content. The identity of contributors to a roll-up is hidden.

How can I filter my data (such as requests or reports) in iPCMP?

iPCMP contains powerful search, sort, and filtering tools to help you locate the information that you are looking for. Within the application, each table or list comes with a search mask with various options. For example, supplier requests can be searched, sorted or filtered, by due date, by request state, by request date, by declaration scope, and, of course, by supplier name.

How long is the data for the reports stored in iPCMP?

As of this moment, we have not set a fixed amount of time that the data will be stored in iPCMP, yet in accordance/compliance with the SEC and OECD, we do guarantee that the data will be held for a minimum of 5 years.  When there are any changes to this, we will make sure to inform all users.

What are the minimum system requirements for using iPCMP?

Minimum requirements
Accepted Browsers Internet Explorer 9.0, Firefox 31.0, Google Chrome 36.0
Browser settings Internet Explorer + Allow pop ups + Internet Options > Security > Internet> Custom Level... > Donwloads > Enable + Internet Options > Trusted Sites> Sites > > Add
Browser settings Firefox Firefox: +Options > Content > Block Pop-up windows > Exceptions > > Allow
Email Put emails from to your Email white list (
Screen size 1280 x 1024
Microsoft Excel Version (optional) 2003