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We have a free trial account that is going to expire, how do we convert our tiral account into a paid account without losing any information.

The the easiest way of buying a license for your already existing account, is to login to your account and click Management > Subscription and choose the license you wish to purchase, as well as your desired payment method.

If your account has already expired, when logging in, you will be automatically forwarded to the subscription page.

When signing up for an iPCMP company account, I am prompted to fill in a form field called "Additional Identifier". What does this mean?

This form field asks you to provide proof of your organization's identity. Any company that signs up for iPCMP is individually validated by iPoint to ensure high data quality and avoid double registrations. There are three options for you to provide this mandatory proof of identity:

  1. DUNS number (this is the preferred way of identity verification with iPCMP): A widely used unique numeric identifier. For more information, visit the website of the DUNS service provider.
  2. Value Added Tax Number (VAT): In the European Union, the VAT is a general, broadly based consumption tax, assessed on the value added to goods or services. Our advice: If you are not sure about your VAT number, contact your administrative department for more information. Typical formats are: DE012345678, FRXY012345678, GB012345678012, etc.
  3. Business Registration Number: This code is usually provided by the Chamber of Commerce of your country. The registration number, the registration authority, and the registration date are usually provided in the same document. Contact your administrative department for more information.

My company is already registered on iPCMP. How can I get a user account?

Your company has an iPCMP administrator who is responsible for giving you an account. If you know the contact details of your iPCMP administrator, you may get in touch with him directly. Otherwise, go to the iPCMP login page and request an account. The iPCMP support team will then refer your request to your company administrator.

How can I add my suppliers to iPCMP?

The more of your suppliers sign up for iPCMP, the more streamlined your reporting processes will be. That is why OEMs and first-tier suppliers are interested in inviting their suppliers to sign up for the application. iPCMP provides a semi-automated process for doing so. Simply import a list of your suppliers into your account (click here to download a xlsx-template), and send out an invitation by email.

Even if a supplier chooses not to join iPCMP, you can easily import their Excel/ CMRT-based CFSI-compliant reports into the application to use them in your roll-ups.