Conflict Minerals Platform

Basic License

Basic License

The Basic License is Free of charge

You only need to send a response to your customer? You have had enough of filling out several individual Excel sheets for each of your customers? Then the complimentary basic license is just the right choice for you!





Higher accuracy, faster responses and more precise reports than just using Excel.


  • Create CMRT-compatible Conflict Minerals reports
  • Import/Export CMRs in CMRT standard format
  • Export Conflict Minerals data in IPC-1755 format
  • Access up-to-date smelter information
  • Manage and consolidate smelter data
  • Manage customer requests
  • Maintain CMRTs in one single system

Typical customers

iPoint offers the Basic License as an easy and efficient way to work directly within the system. This license is designed for companies who need to make a response from a requesting customer. The license is available at no cost.

Users per License