Conflict Minerals Platform

Premium License

Premium License

Premium License Fee: US $990 per year

Do you need all of the Basic License features plus a cost-effective tool to manage your suppliers’ data and their Conflict Minerals-related documents and communication? Does your Conflict Minerals team need different access rights and roles to manage individual tasks effectively? Do you need to provide a comprehensive audit trail? Do you need to collect limited data prior to reporting to your customers?

Then the Premium License is just the right choice for you!



$990 per year *(12 months from purchase / activation date)


Efficiently manage and store all of your supplier communication and supplier data in one place, thus creating a comprehensive audit trail


All of the Basic License features, plus:

  • Manage your communication with suppliers in one user-friendly dashboard, track your suppliers’ responses and requests and provide feedback to your suppliers
  • Upload supplier data via Excel template without having to handtype individual supplier data sets into the system
  • Manage user permissions (access rights, roles of your CM team)
  • Provide comprehensive audit trail by storing and tracking all supply chain communication in one place, giving you a perfect documentary evidence for audits
  • Manage and communicate with up to 50 suppliers via the platform’s internal supplier communication system


Typical customers

The Premium License is designed as a cost-effective tool for companies to request and collect data from within their supply chain. This license is ideal for companies who only need to collect limited data prior to reporting up to their customers.


Users per license


Extras included in the price
  • Access to a private forum to exchange best practice information and talk directly to iPoint staff.


Extra training is provided via an iPCMP Interactive Guided Tour for a small fee of $95**. You can also arrange a one-on-one training with one of our consultants.

**This Tour is open to both Premium and Premium Plus customers