Conflict Minerals Services

Consulting services for managing, tracking and reporting on conflict minerals

As leading global expert in compliance and sustainability, iPoint provides software solutions and consulting services for managing, tracking and reporting on conflict minerals through the whole supply chain.

iPoint Conflict Minerals and our Conflict Minerals Services, combine to offer an integrated, single solution for the whole supply chain. This enables you to efficiently manage conflict minerals-related data and report creation in a seamless process.


> Impact Analysis

iPoint offers a two-day moderated impact analysis workshop designed for companies seeking to learn about Conflict Minerals reporting. The workshop supports you in developing and implementing a successful strategy and plan for collecting and reporting on Conflict Minerals data. The workshop provides hands-on instructions and demonstrations built around iPoint Conflict Minerals.





>Data Collection


iPoint offers a data collection service to collect, manage, aggregate and report Conflict Minerals data from suppliers.





> Reporting 


iPoint offers a reporting service for Conflict-Minerals-related reporting data.





>Data Care


iPoint provides additional data care services for handling data from your supply chain.