Conflict Minerals Platform

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Welcome to the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform.

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The Challenge

Between extraction of raw materials and completion of a final product, there are many intermediate steps, which makes tracking the origin of minerals extremely difficult.

In addition, each company faces a large number of inquiries from its customers, which need to be managed, answered, and sent back in an aggregated form.

Manual data management is not a feasible solution for most companies. No company can afford to ignore the related inefficiencies and the potential for errors.

iPoint's Solution

iPoint‘s Conflict Minerals Platform (iPCMP) is an on-demand software solution which enables companies to fulfill the enormous challenge of collecting, managing, aggregating and reporting conflict minerals information, and  meet the requirements of their customers and the regulatory authorities.

iPCMP is designed from the ground up to streamline the reporting process through powerful tools for tracking and managing country-of-origin inquiries. At the same time, the application offers web 2.0 ease of use.  With a two-tiered licensing model, iPCMP appeals to large companies as well as smaller suppliers. This is a crucial factor for attracting the majority of your suppliers to participate in your reporting initiative.

Our iPCMP software platform and our services combine to offer an integrated, single solution for the whole supply chain.

iPoint Added Value

  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Significantly increased efficiency compared to manual data entry
  • Adequate data quality through validation checks
  • On-demand access through web browser (SaaS)
  • Flexible system architecture enables rapid adjustments
  • Key performance indicators
  • Due diligence reporting
  • Free trial period