Conflict Minerals Platform

Conflict Minerals Cockpit for SAP®

Conflict Minerals Cockpit for SAP®

Process Integration in SAP® with iPoint's Conflict Minerals Cockpit

Challenges and Requirements

One of the greatest challenges is gaining quick and consistent access to conflict minerals data through the whole supply chain. This requires an efficient integration process:

  • Requests for suppliers’ conflict minerals declarations need to be triggered automatically by certain operational changes (e.g. purchase of new material)
  • Conflict Minerals analyses and reports need to be run periodically
  • Conflict Minerals information must be actual and immediately accessible in SAP

Conflict minerals data is required for many process steps, whereby the following processes and entities are of special interest:

  • Master Data Management
  • Supplier Data Management
  • Purchase Order creation
  • Bill of Materials

iPoint Solution Overview: Conflict Minerals Cockpit for SAP

  • Generate Conflict Minerals request worklists dependent on pre-defined triggers
  • Deliver conflict minerals data within SAP exactly where needed
  • Support subsequent steps in decision-making process:
    • Monitor request queues and interface activities
    • Overview and search tools for conflict minerals requests
    • Support initial conflict minerals process setup within SAP via approved tools 
  • Out-of-the-box solution and modification-free SAP add-on
  • Easily install and simple to adjust via parameters
  • No additional info-user in the conflict minerals platform necessary because information is available in SAP

Basic Structure Conflict Minerals Cockpit for SAP

  • The iPoint Conflict Minerals Cockpit for SAP is a fully integrated SAP add-on
  • Delivered via transports in iPoint's own SAP-namespace
  • Comes with own Z-tables to store generated request worklists
  • Provides additional functionality in a control panel which monitors all conflict minerals activities
  • SAP as the leading system controls the interface at any time
  • Data exchange with iPoint‘s Conflict Minerals Platform via a Java Connector
  • Server or offline via exchange files are common and stable standards
  • Display of conflict minerals status within
  • SAP standard processes is implemented via capsulated functions.